Battling candidate fallout

It’s no secret that candidates come and go extremely quickly in today’s market. In order to have success in snagging some quality people, being able to keep them engaged throughout the hiring process is crucial. With that said, here are some key steps you can take to ensure you are keeping your candidates engaged from start to finish.

Don't sit still

In the words of a random meme I came across about 6 months ago:

“If you don’t like where you are, change it. You’re not a tree.”

Despite the obvious point driven in this statement, the fact that I’m a human and not “a woody, perennial plant,” it left a huge impact on me.

Letter from a Millennial

There has been quite a bit of conversation circulating among hiring managers about how to attract and retain millennials, how to lead us, and how to expect us to behave in the workplace. In no way do I think this is a bad thing. I think it is crucial for management to adapt their leadership style depending on the individual. I think that is incredibly strategic and honestly, that is how you build a stellar team, because everyone is different. 

With that said, I want to talk about why I think millennials (myself specifically) act the way we do.

Don't waste time - how to network effectively

Are you new to networking? Or, do you attend events and feel like you don’t get much out of them? If I have learned one thing in my early career, it is that networking events are only valuable if you come prepared with a strategy. Here are 5 tips to be a more effective networker; because no one likes being set loose in a crowded room of professionals without a plan!

Act like a start-up

In order to have a start-up mentality, you don’t necessarily need to be operating as a start-up. The business world is beginning to shift from the standard 8-5, business professional setting where you come into work and sit in a cubicle farm. It’s becoming more colorful, more collaborative, and more flexible - which is a good thing!

The difference between dreaming and doing

Let’s talk about dreams. Not goals, because when you say goal, that means you believe you can achieve it. But dreams. The dreams that keep you awake at night. They almost make your heart ache a little bit because you have this supernatural feeling that you need to achieve something, but you know the odds of it happening are pretty slim. Like playing in the NFL or taking part in the colonization of Mars… Do you have a dream in mind?

Happy hours help

In today’s economy, it’s a job seeker's market and employers are feeling the burden of finding and retaining quality people. With that said, recruiting is a huge struggle for a lot of companies, especially here in Seattle.

3 ways to improve your focus

Some days, it’s hard to leave work feeling like you did your best. You spent the entire day at your desk, but were not as productive as you would have hoped… you felt like you couldn’t focus or you just didn’t have a good game-plan to begin with. If this happens on a Monday, you may feel like this set the mood for the rest of the week (and that’s really not a good thing). 

Your happy place

Let’s talk about stress. Public enemy numero uno (in my opinion). Stress in the adult world can surface from many different areas: project deadlines, money, work relationships, personal relationships, guilt from eating too many cupcakes… A lot of these stem from work. We tend to over-invest in managing our work life.