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Battling candidate fallout

Battling candidate fallout

It’s no secret that candidates come and go extremely quickly in today’s market. In order to have success in snagging some quality people, being able to keep them engaged throughout the hiring process is crucial. With that said, here are some key steps you can take to ensure you are keeping your candidates engaged from start to finish.


Tailor your messaging


Just like in sales, prospects don’t respond to spam. When reaching out to candidates online, even if they have applied to your site directly, you need to make sure you don’t come across as automated. In your initial reach-out, be sure to point out why you are choosing to talk with that specific candidate. Not only is it flattering to the candidate that you are taking the time to acknowledge their experience, but it also creates a personal connection, and they are more likely to agree to move forward in your process.


Lower interview turnaround time


It is clearly a very tight market in Seattle for employers. By ensuring that you are following up with applicants immediately, you are creating a stronger opportunity for engagement. Sorry for another sales comparison, but experts say that for every hour you do not follow up on an inquiry, your opportunity to qualify them lowers exponentially. It is the same with candidates. The longer you take to start the qualification process, the more time they have to consider other opportunities. With the demand for quality candidates at a historic high, you really can’t afford to wait.


Cut out the barriers


Don’t make the process too long. I have heard the story a million times. So many companies out there interview a candidate until they are exhausted. Here are some tips to avoid candidate burnout:

-Qualify before you invite them in for an interview to ensure they can meet the basic requirements.

-Take out any unnecessary testing.

-Offer online interviews via Skype for Business or Google Hangouts.

-Get them on the phone; email takes too long sometimes.


Perfect your process

Make sure that your application/interview process is seamless. Have all internal parties (those that are involved in the interview process) educated on exactly what their role is and exactly what questions they will be asking. Also, be sure to educate your candidate on what exactly your process looks like before they move forward. A candidate’s time is just as valuable as yours.


Have quality onboarding

Onboarding is a crucial step in the candidate experience. If they walk in on their first day to a desk that isn’t set up, no one knows who they are and uncertainty about what their first day will look like, it creates a dissonance that is hard to break. Accepting a job is an extremely emotional decision, and if a candidate feels even a little unsure about their decision, it will affect their confidence. It is completely true that when you are a candidate you think you are unstoppable and overqualified, but when the real work starts, you begin to question your abilities. Make sure your new employees walk in with a schedule for the week, some company swag, and even a direct, first-day meeting with a manager or the CEO. It is your job to set them up for success the second they walk through that door and become a part of your team.


*Interviewing means introducing someone to your brand. Be careful how you engage and follow up with candidates because at some point in their lifetime, they could also be customers. Always be aware of the candidate experience as it is a direct reflection of your company’s brand identity. 

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