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Work Jams #1

Work Jams #1

#1 Your Hand In Mine – Explosions in the Sky 

For Writing 

#2 Can I Be Him – James Arthur (+ Everything from his new album) 

This song makes me zone out…use caution. 

#3 Cancer – 21 Pilots

Beautifully written but also great background music if you don’t appreciate lyrical genius 

#4 A Better Man – Little Big Town 

Because, let’s be honest – Tay Swift is forcing everyone to listen to the song she wrote.  

#5 Extreme – Bassjackers 

Get’s me 100% pumped while working in excel. 

#6 All We Know – The Chainsmokers ft. Pheobe Ryan 

When was the last time they released a bad single, if ever? 

#7 Guys My Age – Hey Violet 

Ok – I don’t listen to this until I get into the elevator at the end of the day because it’s the only song that gets me to go straight to the gym and not straight to bed when I get home… That’s power. 

#8 Everything by Zara Larsson 

No explanation needed. 


Want to listen?? Here is  a link to my work jams on Spotify. 

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How to sell a job (on a budget)

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