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Work Jams #2

Work Jams #2

#1 Light - San Holo

My December anthem - excellent in any setting.

#2 You're Such A - Hailee Steinfeld

I think Hailee S is my spirit animal. She says everything I'm thinking.

#3 How to Love - Cash Cash (feat. Sofia Reyes)

I dare you to try not to dance while this is playing.

#4 Backbeat - Dagny

Refer to previous comment.

#5 Sunset Lover - Petit Biscuit

Another one for writing.

#6 Stillness in Woe - Purity Ring

This is the song that really got me hooked on that 'electro-pop' sound - once you go there, you can't quit.

#7 Lost Stars - Adam Levine

If Adam isn't your celebrity crush, I question your taste.

#8 Love in a Bar - Ryan Hurd

So Ryan Hurd is dating Maren Morris and when I listen to his music I just think about their relationship and I feel like I'm honestly a part of it because I'm a total creep.

#9 Dancing in Flames (Dandy Lion remix) - Chinook

Where did this artist come from because I seriously can't. stop. listening. Shout out to Spotify's discover playlist.

#10 Whole Heart - Gryffin, Bipolar Sunshine

Great ending to this post, this year, and my personal "gym jams" playlist. 


Want to listen?? Here is a link to work jams on Spotify.

You made it: level 2017

You made it: level 2017

Love where you work

Love where you work